"Birds on a Wire" Series Wheel Thrown Brown Speckled Clay Stoneware Mugs. Food safe, Safe for use in the dishwasher, oven and microwave.  Perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate (and room for milk or marshmallows)  This limited edition series is made in Gainesville, Florida on my Back Porch, are an underglaze design of the birds, and a clear gloss glaze and fired to 2232 degrees!!    Back Porch Pottery is durable, functional, and FUN pottery with unique designs that are guaranteed to last the test of time, AND make you smile!!  This series was inspired by the multitude of birds and birdsong at the feeder opposite my potter's wheel.  So, directly from my birds, to you.  Each one is uniquely different...no 2 are the same.  Like us :). Many of the pieces are pictured and will soon be dropped in the shop for purchase.  Inquire if you'd like some flown to you.

Birds On a Wire Series Big Belly Mug

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